Developmental Red Flags 12 to 18 Months

Gross Motor Development

Child is not meeting developmental milestones
Child walks on his/her toes all the time
Child is excessively clumsy
Something appears wrong with child’s legs and/or feet
Child complains of persistent pain or fatigue
Child’s skills are regressing

Fine Motor Development

Your child is not able to use a pincer grasp (thumb and pointer finger) to pick up small objects
Your child does not point at things using his pointer finger (e.g. pictures in a book)
Your child is not able to put things into containers
Your child is not able to use both hands during play (most children do prefer one hand over the other)
Your child’s movements seem shaky or stiff


Does not respond consistently to their being called by name
Does not respond to familiar sounds (phone ringing)
Does not look at or point to objects and pictures when named
Does not show or give objects spontaneously
Does not start a turn taking game (i.e. lifts up their blanket for peek-a-boo)
Does not direct others’ attention to something by pointing or making eye contact
Does not use consonant + vowel combinations that others recognize as words, even if they are mispronounced
Has fewer than 10 words