Exclusively for Children on the Autism Spectrum​

We are committed to the following Programs for 2022


Early intervention for
young children on the
autism spectrum,
promoting language,
learning and engagement.
Ages: Diagnosis to age 6

What comes

completing preschool,
a placement test is done to
ensure that there
are no learning gaps
We have a new,
internationally recognized

Coming in

Skills Development

as well as

After Care


My name is Kutlwano, I’m 7 years old and I have autism.

I joined Inspirare Academy in January 2020. When I started my journey with Inspirare my weaknesses were:

  • Potty training
  • Expressing my feelings
  • Putting my words together to make a sentence was a struggle
  • Taking instructions

Two years later 2022

I was accepted at Martie du Plessis, I started my year with the in the middle of the first term and I passed with very good marks.

Inspirare Academy has help me to be brave and be independent.

Today I can:

  • Go to the toilet alone
  • Make my sentences using my words
  • I can take instructions
  • I can boldly express my feelings

And I love drawing as I feel the most happiest when I use my imagination

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Address: 4 Van Zyl Street




Email Address: info@inspirareacademy.co.za

Phone Number: 079 894 9637

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/inspirareacademy/


School Hours

Monday:           7:15 – 17:15

Tuesday:          7:15 – 17:15

Wednesday:    7:15 – 17:15

Thursday:        7:15 – 17:15

Friday:              7:15 – 17:15

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