I Sonja Human, Nelis’s mother would like to share the absolute amazing improvement my son has shown since he started going to school at Inspirare Academy.  


He was 5 years old at the time and had just finished grade RR.  Nelis was diagnosed with ASD  “Autism Spectrum Disorder” and ADHD “Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder”.  Nelis also had a significant speech delay. We had trouble understanding him.  We may be understood the five words he was saying.  I had to get him a school where he would fit in.  


I am firmly convinced that the Lord has brought this school on our path.  My sister showed me an ad from the school when they launched one of their fundraisers.  I did not think anything of it at the time but as time passed I thought more and more about the school.  Everything we experience the principal was experiencing in her private life with her son.   One night when we were already asleep something woke me, and I looked up and read everything I could find about this little school.  I even typed a message to send to the principal early the next morning. Everything I read about the principal Rachel Blignaut was comforting because she walked the same path that we were walking with her son.  She understood what we were going through because of her own life experience. We enrolled our son at Inspirare Academy. 


He had developmental delays, and this was the first time he was accommodated for his special needs.  He was evaluated and the school received permission for a one-year school exemption for my son to repeat grade R in 2021. Since he started at Inspirare Academy in January 2020 he showed tremendous progress because special attention was given to his specific needs.  My son passed Grade R with flying colours.  The school is moving away from the CAPS curriculum as they found a more suitable online-based mainstream program where each child can work at their own pace.  A placement test is required to make sure that the child has no learning gaps and that the child starts at the correct grade.  This ensures that the child is not bored with the work because it might be too easy or too hard for the child and that the child. 

My son wrote his placement test and the test showed that he is ready for Grade 1 term 3.  If he continues to progress at this pace he will be able to start Grade 2 early next year.  His speech has improved so much he progressed from a few understandable words to full sentences.  I can ask him questions for example “what are you looking for?” and he can answer me. He excels in all the other areas. Nelis caught up on his developmental delays with the help of the good training of everyone at the school. He is now a happy boy who feels he is normal and belongs somewhere. His classmates are his friends, so they play inside and out in a safe environment without any worries. Nelis wants to go to school which I think few other parents will be able to say about their children. Without the team at Inspirare Academy, Nelis’ life would certainly have been more difficult and less full. The school regularly keeps the parents informed and gets to know each parent and their needs. Even in lockdown, they never stopped caring and came to our house to ensure that Nelis does not regress or fall behind on the program that was set out for him.  I am sincerely grateful for their dedication and perseverance and all the love they have for the children.  Nelis, my husband and I can only say one word and that is THANK YOU. We can also just praise the Lord for His work in his wonderful way to open our eyes and show us what is in front of us.

My name is Kutlwano, I’m 7 years old and I have autism.

I joined Inspirare Academy in January 2020. When I started my journey with Inspirare my weaknesses were:

  • Potty training
  • Expressing my feelings
  • Putting my words together to make a sentence was a struggle
  • Taking instructions

Two years later 2022

I was accepted at Martie du Plessis, I started my year with the in the middle of the first term and I passed with very good marks.

Inspirare Academy has help me to be brave and be independent.

Today I can:

  • Go to the toilet alone
  • Make my sentences using my words
  • I can take instructions
  • I can boldly express my feelings

And I love drawing as I feel the most happiest when I use my imagination